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TBP - Water Removal

Accessory for TBP and Combi plants

The water removal system is available as an accessory for TBP and Combi plants.

It consists of a double mantle glass vessel (collector vessel) with internal quench cooler and bottom drain valve.

The vessel can be removed when not in use. The collector vessel can be charged with 5 litre water/distillate mixture.

Other sizes, like 10 or 20 litre (for large TBP’s) are also available.


Alternatively, a stand alone water removal system is available.

It comes with a complete framework with front doors, a complete set of glassware (condenser, reflux divider and column) and flask heater (with stirrer).

The system comes with two thermostats; one for the condenser; one for the collector vessel. 

The plant has its own control system, which allows an unattended operation.with the standard system.


TBP W-models

As second alternative, we offer the TBP-W models. This TBP or Combi plants have a slightly wider framework for an additional set of TBP glassware.

All other parts, like flask heater and thermostats, are shared with the standard system.

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