ROFA Deutschland GmbH

TBP - Reflux Divider Design

Leakage free operation

The second highlight is the pneumatic driven reflux divider. This replaces the old fashioned reflux divider design which uses a glass plunger falling into the valve seat; also made of glass. This type of construction will/can leak within a short time. 

Therefore, they have to be grinded frequently and the grinding needs someone with experience in working with glass and takes a great amount of time.Our reflux divider has a stainless steel or ceramic rod with an O-Ring at the bottom. This O-Ring is pressed into the valve seat with a force of approximately 1 kg and seals the valve with it’s soft surface. 

This construction offers a leakage free operation. The reflux divider can be dismantled for O-Ring replacement, which takes less than two minutes. On average, this job has to be done after 25 distillations (using inexpensive Viton O-Rings).


The benefits at a glance

  • No glue effect because of condensation of waxy fractions
  • Pneumatic driven plunger with O-Ring seal
  • Leakage free construction
  • fast O-Ring changing
  • Teflon made vacuum throughput
  • plunger rod can be made of stainless steel or ceramic
  • no grinding required
  • different head temperature sensors available: Stainless steel, Teflon coated, Glass

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