ROFA Deutschland GmbH

Crude Oil Distillation Plants

ROFA Germany produces laboratory crude oil distillation plants. Excellent performance and a surprising simplicity in servicing and maintenance make distillation jobs as simple as possible.

Safety features, which include the monitoring of most common process gases, fire or smoke detection and a redundant safety concept in soft- and hardware control support today’s laboratory safety requirements.

The sophisticated framework concept offers a maximum of flexibility in standard or custom tailored constructions. The framework is constructed modularly, thus fast to assemble or dismantle. Our philosophy is not to hide, but to show all parts of the plant. This allows seeing into the plant function and minimises service time. The plant can stand right in front of a wall; with all services carried out from the front of the unit. Valuable laboratory space can therefore be saved.

ASTM D 2892 (TBP)
Standard & L-Series

The ASTM D 2892, also called TBP (True Boiling Point) can fractionise crude oils from 15°C up to 420°C AET (atmospheric equivalent temperature) at pressure stages down to 1 Torr. 


ASTM D 5236 (Potstill)
Standard & L-Series

The ASTM D 5236 (Potstill) can fractionize crude oil or crude oil residue from 15°C up to 565 °C (at atmospheric equivalent temperature); from atmospheric pressure down to a vacuum of 0,1 Torr. 

Combi- & custom-tailored Plants

The picture shows a Combi-Plant with an 20/10 litre TBP (ASTM D 2892) and a 10/6 litre Potstill (ASTM D 5236), with a cooling station (for operation without requiring dry ice for gas- and cold trap cooling).

Our special product features

TBP Column Design

The most remarkable innovation of EuroDist came onto the market, when we changed the column design to ease the assembly of the column.

TBP Sensors & Controls

All build in temperature controllers use high accurate PID algorithms. Only column and flask properties (sizes) have to be chosen from a table.

Lifting Platform

Standing very close to the platform offers a painless charging and discharging of heavy flasks. An electric drive is also available.

TBP Water Removal

The water removal system is available as an accessory for TBP and Combi plants. It consists of a double mantle glass vessel.

TBP Reflux Divider Design

The pneumatic driven reflux divider is also a highlight. This type of construction will/can leak within a short time.

Autosampler Design

Our Auto sampler executes a variety of functions such as measurement of volume by using a combination of a stepper motor, belt drive and light barrier.

TBP Cooling Station

We offer an external thermostat, which goes down to approximately -60 °C and a double insulated, stainless steel cooling vessel.


Fire extinguishing system with an infrared fire and smoke sensor as well as a wide variety of other accessories.

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