ROFA Deutschland GmbH

Autosampler Design

Our Auto sampler executes the following functions:

  • Measurement of volume by using a combination of a stepper motor, belt drive and light barrier. The distillation rate is calculated and is used to control the flask heater
  • Detection of maximum volume condition, which triggers a bottle changing.
  • A second light barrier, installed at a fixed position, detecting the bottle at lifting position.
  • A balance weighs the empty bottle and later the filled bottle. By comparing the two weights, the cut weight can be calculated.
  • A lifting device with a movable fork system and a pneumatic cylinder taking the bottle from the belt and pressing it into the outlet device of the distillation line.
  • A combination of a pressure sensor and three valves can evacuate the bottle to column pressure level or can pressurize it with N2 after a cut

Intermediate receivers

Some customers prefer to have an intermediate receiver.

We can supply Standard and Large TBP plants with intermediate receivers of sizes ranging from 250 ml up to 5 litres.

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