ROFA Deutschland GmbH

TBP Column Design

Change within 2 minutes

The most remarkable innovation of EuroDist came onto the market, when we changed the column design to ease the assembly of the column.

Today, any of the various column sizes can be changed within two minutes! It also allows using different column diameters or columns with different packing in the same plant.

No tools are required and no ladder is needed to do the changing. One single person can do this job; eliminating the risk of breaking other parts.

High Efficient Mantle Condenser

The high efficient triple mantle Condenser offers a large heat exchange surface, which exist of 2 separate internal coils and an external double mantle.

An outer, high-evacuated double mantle prevents from condensation of humidity and thermal losses.
A thermostat runs alcohol or any other suitable medium at temperatures down to -30°C. No cooling water is required!

The special construction limits the total height of a 20 litre TBP to only 270 cm.

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