ROFA Deutschland GmbH

TBP - Sensors and Controls

Controllers regulate all processes

All  build in temperature controllers use high accurate PID algorithms, which regulate all processes from preheating to following a distillation rate or a differential pressure process variable until final cooling. The PID controllers are integrated into the PLC system.

Only column and flask properties (sizes) have to be chosen from a table. All other operation data are set automatically in accordance to customer specific cut temperatures.

Only proven, H2S resistant sensors are build in. PT 100 sensors (4 wire type) are interchangable without the need of recalibration.

Maximum protection

The vacuum control system, vacuum pump, vacuum and differential pressure sensor, gas- and cold traps and the thermostat for the main condenser are all on the right side; outside of the framework.

Vacuum and differential pressure sensors are connected via a protective cooler, which is working in parallel to the main condenser circuit.

As a result, this means a maximum protection against aggressive and destructive vapours is in place.

Additional joints allow the addition of reference sensors for checking and calibration.

A two stage rotary vane vacuum pump creates the vacuum, which is controlled by a proportional and a bypass valve.

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